EXL-N Sea Water Pumps

1. Large flow capacities achieved with almost no vibration or noise by use of Axial & Mix Flow design.
2. Easy handling, energy saving and low maintenance. 
3. Robust structure and compact design with a oil motor, double mechanical seals and Axial-flow impeller with flow guide vane for high efficiency.
4. Pump manufactured with heavy duty housing,cable leads are isolated by hardened epoxy for water proofing.
5. Impeller made of Bronze has a great abrasion and corrosion resistance.

1. Water extracting from streams, lakes, reservoirs,channel water, fishy pond. 
2. Water supply and circulation for landscape and water features.
3. Aquaculture and agriculture water pumping and drainage for large volume water applications.
4. Flood control.

1.Ambient Temperature:  0~+40℃
2.Liquid Temperature:  +0~+40℃
3.Depth:  Max.10M
4.Solid Passages: 23MM.
5.Working Pressure: Max.3bar.

1.Power(Output): 5HP~15HP
2.Protection: IP68
3.Insulation: F
4.Pole: 4P
3phase 220 or 380V*60HZ
3phase 380~415V*50HZ
6.Discharge: 6”~12”
7.Max.Head:  8M
8.Max. Capacity:  10000 LPM ( 600M³/Hr)

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