EFS Stainless Steel Submersible Sewage Pumps

1. Non-clogging impeller, minimized abrasive wear,large impeller clearance, and maintenance free.
2. Pump is equipped with motor overload protector,it will shut off automatically to prevent motor from burnout whenever its voltage drop,impeller plugged, and other unusual conditions.
3. The mechanical seal part combines with superb double set mechanical seals, Silicon Carbide(SIC) Material.
4. Impeller and pump casing is made of stainless steel SUS316 for corrosive waste water/sewage use.

1.Building waste water treatment system, sewage treatment plant, community market.
2.Drainage waste water from industry and factory.
3.Fishery, animal husbandry, dairy farm, piggery,fecal sewage tank.
4.Other sewage or sump treatment system.

1.  Ambient Temperature:  0~+40℃.
2.  Liquid Temperature:  +0~+40℃.
3.  Max. Submergence: 30M.
4.  Forbid 24 hours continuously running or running pumps under lowest running water level.
5.Solid Passage: 35~50MM.
6.No use in 100% pure sea water.

1.Output: 1/2HP~15HP
2.Protection: IP68
3.Insulation: F
4.Pole: 2P
1phase 110 or 220V*60HZ(1/2hp~2hp)  3phase 220 or 380V*60HZ
1phase 220~240V*50HZ(1/2hp~2hp)  3phase 380~415V*50HZ
6.Discharge: 2” ~ 4”
7.Max. Head:  34M
8.Max. Capacity:  2500 LPM (150M³/Hr)

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