EFK Submersible Cutter Sewage Pumps

1.Impeller is tipped with tungsten cutter to cut off hard objects and prevents impeller from being damaged by hard articles.
2.Epoxy resin cable base, 2p dry motor, C3 deep grove bearing, dual mechanical seals, auto-cut protector to prevent from motor burnout easily due to abnormal conditions.

1.Sewage drainage from hospitals, schools, husbandry,buildings, stock farm, plants, subway tunnel...etc.
2.Dewatering waste water containing hard objects, like sticks, excrement, tiny gravel...etc.

1. Ambient Temperature:  0~+40℃
2. Liquid Temperature:  +0~+40℃
3. Max. Surgence: Max.10M
4.  Forbid 24 hours continuously running or running pumps under lowest running water level.
5.  Solid Passage: 22~28MM

1.Output: 1/2HP~7.5HP
2.Motor Protection: IP68
3.Insulation: F
4.Pole: 2P
5.Voltage: 1phase 110 or 220V*60HZ(1/2HP~2HP)  3phase 220 or 380V*60HZ
1phase 220~240V*50HZ(1/2hp~2hp)  3phase 380~415V*50HZ
6.Discharge: 2” ~ 4”
7.Max. Head:  28M
8.Max. Capacity:  1100 LPM

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