CP Close-coupled Centrifugal Pumps

1. The motor and pump are coaxial conjoined for eliminating fluctuations.
2. Durable mechanical seal prevents from leakage and keeps long life.
3. Compact & robust structure for saving space and for easy installation.
4. Special volute design for low noise operation and great performance.

1. Heating and cooling water circulation.
2. Broad range of industrial applications.
3. Open loop and close loop water circuit systems.
4. Water supply and pressure boosting systems.
5. Process water for paper mill, brewery, refinery. 
6. Boiler feed, washing and cleaning system. 
7. Water supply and disposal for households.
8. Water circulation for cooling tower, air-condition facilities.
9. Water supply or circulation for swimming pools System


1.Ambient temperature:0~+50 degree C.
2.Liquid temperature: Standard Type: +2~+60 degree C
Hot water Type: Max.100 degree C

( Required to replace for Viton mechanical seal)

3.Working Pressure: Max. 10Kg/cm²
4. Normal water or other clean non-corrosive liquids without abrasives.

Output:0.5~150HP (0.37~110KW)*60HZ
0.5~20HP (0.37~15KW)*50HZ
Motor Tatung Spec.: IP54~IP55 / InsulationE,B,F
1Phase 110V/220V/240V (0.5HP~2HP)
3Phase 220V/380V/415V/440V/660V
Frequency: 50Hz,60Hz
Pole: 2P ; 4P
Single-phase with motor overload protector(0.5HP~2HP)
IEC Standard, Enclosed Fan Cooled motor. 
Max. Head: 80M
Max. Capacity: 960 M³/HR (16000LPM)
Suction Lift: Max. 4M

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