UP Inverter Control Booster Pump Systems (Duplex)

1. Stable water pressure while using hot shower.
2. No water hammer, improve start/off frequency.
3. Low noise and smooth operation. The system will adjust motor speed automatically, according to demand of capacity. It can save energy resources and uplift performance.
4. Choose appropriate capacity of pressure tank, types of water pumps, quantities of inverter, and operation approach.
5. Dry-running detection. It will turn off automatically once no water occurs to avoid motor burn out.
6. No water tank, easy to install, reduce the cost of maintenance.
7. Adopting high quality brand “DELTA” or "TECO"inverter, high efficiency, softly start/off functions.
8. Alterative operation to extend life time of pumps.

Auto boost water pressure for IC manufacture industries, industrial pressure boosting systems, motels, restaurants, gas stations, apartments, factories, schools, parks, gymnasiums, villas, railway station, building sites, etc.

1. Ambient Temperature: 0~+50℃
2. Liquid Temperature: +0~+60℃
(If delivering water temperature is over 60 degree C, we strongly recommend to replace for heat-resistant "VITON" mechanical seal)
3. Clean or potable water or no corrosive chemicals liquids without abrasives.
4. Working Pressure: Max. 5~20bar.(depending on pumps)

1.Power: 1/2HP~20HP (Special Output requirement is available upon customer's request.)
2.Protection: IP54~IP55
3.Protection: E,B,F
4.Pole: 2P,4P
5.Voltage: 1phase 110;220V*60HZ(1HP~3HP); 3phase 220/380/440/660*60HZ
1phase 220~240V*50HZ(1HP~3HP); 3phase 380~415V*50HZ 
6.Suction/Discharge piping: 1” ~8”
7.Head:  Max. 260 M
8.Capacity Range:  4~2160M³/hr.

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