MC Auto Booster Pump System(Simplex)

1.  Customized design,Mechanical type(Pressure switch)control.
2.  Auto boost water pressure to where the water pressure is not sufficient.
3.  Included Water pumps, Diaphragm pressure tank, pressure switch, valves, control panels, All
incorporated into 1 auto booster pump system.
4. Simplex operation.

1. Auto Water supply for sprinkler system of garden, park, play-ground.
2. Auto Boost water pressure to construction site.
3. Auto Boost water pressure to factories, schools, public lavatory.


1. Ambient Temperature:  0~+50℃
2. Liquid Temperature:  +4~+60℃
(If delivering water temperature is over 60C, we strongly recommend to replace for heat-resistant "VITON" mechanical seal)
3. Clean or potable water or no corrosive chemicals liquids without abrasives.
4. Working Pressure: Max. 5~20bar.(depending on pumps)

1.Power: 1/2HP~20HP
2.Motor Protection: IP54
3.Insulation: E,B,F
4.Pole: 2P,4P
5.Voltage: 1phase 110/220V*60HZ(1HP~3HP); 3phase 220/380/440/660*60H
1phase220~240V*50HZ(1HP~3HP); 3phase 380~415V*50HZ 
7.Suction/Discharge: 1” ~ 10”
8.Pressure Setting: 1.5~9.0bar.

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