ELS/ELW Close-coupled centrifugal pump(For sea water)

1. Pump casing and impeller are made of highly reinforced plastic. The shaft is using SUS316 material. It is anti-corrosive, anti-oxide, anti-acid and anti-alkali liquids. It keeps water usage safe and clean. The screws and other accessories are using stainless steel materials which make it easier to do the maintenance and dismantlement.


2. ELW series is specifically designed for hot spring circulation application. Pump casing and impeller are made of CFPP(POM) material which is heat-resistant and corrosive-resistant for hot spring. It can avoid rusting problem with stainless steel or cast iron materials.

3. Discharge/suction flanges are using adhesive to connects to the pump. It will solve leakage or damage problems caused by connection to the thread of inlet/

4.On top of pump casing, we have designed a cup to fill liquid in. You don’t need to design another hole on the pipeline to fill in liquid.   

ELS Series:
1. Aquacultural industry or aquarium industry water supply.
2. Sea food restaurant or sea water circulation systems.
3. Cooling tower circulation systems.

ELW Series:
1. Blue sulphur hot spring, white sulphur hot spring or other types of hot spring circulation systems.

1.Ambient Temperatue : +0~+50C。
2.Liquid Temperature:
ELS series: +0~+60C。
ELW series: +0~+80C。
3.Max.working pressure: 5 bar。

1.Output: 0.5HP~3HP
2.Protection: IP54
3.Insulation: E
4.Pole: 2P
5.Voltage: 1phase110/220V*60HZ(0.5HP~2HP); 
3phase 220/380/440/660*60HZ
6.Inlet/Outlet: 1” ~2”
7.Max.Head:  25 M
8.Max.Capacity:  600LPM (36M³/Hr)

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