ECF Electronic auto booster multi-stage pumps

1.Auto water supply and pressure boosting.
2.Low noise operation.
3.Auto shutdown while water shortage occurs.
4.The pump offer stable water pressure.
5.Stainless steel pump construction for clean water provided.

1.Auto boost water pressure to house,toilets,gardens sprinkler system.
2.Installed on the top of floors, connecting with water storage tank, auto boost water pressure downwards for the buildings.
3.Auto boost water pressure for restaurants, markets,public restrooms, barber shops,small hotels...etc.

1.Ambient Temperature:  +0~40℃
2.Liquid Temperature:  +4~60℃
3.Relative Humidity:  Max. 85%(RH)
4. Before running the pump, make sure the inlet pressure can't be higher than Factory setting starting pressure(1.5bar). 
5.Clean and non-corrosive liquids without abrasives.

1.Output: 0.75HP;1HP;1.3HP
2.Motor protection: IP54
3.Motor Insulation: F
4.Voltage: single phase 110/220V*60HZ ; single phase 220~240V*50HZ
5.Inlet/Outlet:  1”
6.Max.Head:  46M
7.Max.Capacity: 120LPM

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