Auto Pressure Pump System(Duplex) PC

1.The PC auto pressure booster pump system is consisted of dual pumps,control panel,pressure tank,piping,valve,pressure switch.All in one package design.
2.Customized design,PC booster pump system offer a wide range of performance request.
3.The PC pump system is controlled by pressure switch.Pressure range and difference is adjustable upon request.
4. Alternative or Parallel operation way.Normally the pump system is alternative operation by dual pumps. If water demands exceed one pump workload, another pump will join operation automatically,dual pumps will run together(parallel).

1.Auto water supply for sprinkler system of park,garden,stadium.
2.Auto water pressure boosting for construction site.
3.Auto water pressure boosting for factory,building,hotel,school,military camp,..etc.

1.Ambient Temp.:  ~+50℃
2.Liquid Temp.:  0~+60℃
(If transfer liquid temp is over 60℃,We strongly recommend the pump needs to be changed into heat-resistant mechanical seal and bearing)
3.Suitable for transferring clean water without abrasives.
4.Operating pressure: Max. 5~20bar.

1.Output Range: 1/2HP~20HP
2.Motor IP Protection: IP54~55
3.Motor Insulation: E,B,F
4.Pole: 2P,4P
5.Voltage: 1phase 110 or 220V*60HZ(0.5~2HP); 3 phase
6. Interflow Pipeline Diameter: 2” ~6”
7.Pressure setting Range: 1.5~9.0 bar

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