SP Domestic Water Pumps

1. Compact design, space-saver, and easy to install and dismantle.
2. Special copper water pump flow channel design with high pumping efficiency and low operating noise.
3. May select stainless steel water pump(SP500ASH) to avoid jamming shaft during long term idle.

1. Water supply to top floor water tanks of villas, residences ,apartments ,households and buildings.

1.Liquid temperature: Max. 60℃
2. Ambient temperature: Max. 40℃
3. Working pressure: Max. 6 bar
4.Suction lift:8M
5. Suitable for transport clean water, without solid particles or non-corrosive fluids.

1.Power: 1/2HP;1HP
2.Protection: IP54
3.Insulation: B
4.Pole: 2P
5.Voltage: 1phase110/220V*60HZ; 3phase220~240V*50HZ
6.Suction/Discharge: 3/4” or 1”
7.Max.Head: 45M
8.Max.Capacity: 72LPM

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