FD300 Portable Submersible Pump

1.Light-weight,portable,easy installation.
2.Main pump construction,impeller,main wet parts are made in reinforced PPO material.Motor housing is made in Stainless steel SUS304.
3.Suitable for drainage from sump,accumulated water,rain from residence.

For washing,cleaning,garden watering,drainage from small sump,water circulation for garden landscape.

1.Ambient Temp.:  0~+40℃
2.Liquid Temp.:  +2~+40℃
3.No use in aqua farm or sea water.
4.No run the pump under low water level continuously. It's also forbidden to run the pump 24hrs continuously.
5. Solid passage: Max.5MM

1.Output: 1/3HP
2.Motor protection: IP68
3.Insulation: E
4.Pole/Speed: 2P/3550RPM
5.Voltage: 1Phase 110 or 220V*60HZ only.
6.Ampere: 110V(4A), 220V(2A) 
7.Discharge: 1.5”
8.Max.Head:  8M
9.Max. Capacity:  150 LPM
10.Pump Dimension:L:202*W:140*H:268 (Unit:MM)
11.Net Weight: 4kg

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