EK Domestic Silent Pumps

1. Silent operation for promoting standard of living.
2. Aluminum alloy motor shell for lowering motor running Temp. , while it’s running continuously. 
3. Stainless Steel Volute impeller design for great water capacity and resist wear.
4. High efficiency for saving resource cost; Easy installment and dismantling.

1. Water supply to top floor water tanks of villas,residences ,apartments ,households and buildings.
2. Water supply for industrial equipment.
3. Assemble with auto controller, to become auto booster pump system.

1. Liquid temperature: Max. +2~+50℃
2. Ambient temperature: Max. 40℃
3. Working pressure: Max. 6 kg/cm2
4. Suitable for transport clean water, without solid particles or non-corrosive fluids.

Power: 0.5HP~1HP (0.37KW~0.75KW)
Motor: IP54 / Insulation B  
Voltage: Only Single phase 1Phase 110V/220V (60Hz)
1Phase 220V~240V (50Hz)
Built in thermal overload protector
Max. Head:  43M
Max. Capacity: 90LPM

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