EAP Submersible pumps for fish ponds

1. It has build-in thermal overload protector which will extend product life cycle.
2. The pump main structure is composed of reinforce plastic and stainless steel 
3. Anti-air lock vent hole design.
4. Light weight and portable design.
5. Adds a connector for pipeline.
6. Non-clog vortex impeller design. Max. solid passage diameter is 9mm.
7. Available with vertical connecting rod automatic float switch(Model: EAP-03 
and EAP-05F). If water level is lower than its standard level, it will prevent 
motor to burn up.

1. Waste water drainage.
2. Agriculture and landscaping water supply.
3. Construction site and basement drainage.
4. Fish pond circulation water supply.

1. Ambient temperature: +0~+40C.
2. Liquid temperature: +0~+40C.
3. DO not use it in sea water, corrosive and food grade liquid applications.
4. It is used for continuous duty operation.
5. Min. drainage height: 15mm.
6. Includes vertical connecting rod automatic 
float switch--start/stop/height:
EA-03F: Starting water level:190mm/Stopping water level: 100mm.
EA-05F: Starting water level:178mm/Stopping water level: 102mm.

1.Power(Output): 0.3HP~0.5HP
2.Motor Protection: IP68
3.Insulation: B
4.Pole: 2P
1Phase110 or 220V*60HZ
NO 50HZ spcification. 
6.Discharge: 11/2”
7.Max.Head:  7.6M
8.Max.Capacity:  200LPM (12M³/Hr)

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