AEV CPU Control Constant Pressure Pumps

1.The AEV is a complete, all-in-one unit, consisted of pump, motor, pressure tank, and CPU controller.
2. When no water inflow occurs, the pump will auto shutdown in 30 seconds. CPU will auto sense the pump water status and restart the pump in 30 minutes until normal water returns.
3. Quiet operation without noise uplift standard of living.
4. Keep constant water pressure when using hot water shower.



You can switch voltage status and choose UP or Down pressure boosting ways.

EPOXY COATING CPU CONTROLLER(To protect CPU against humidity,rain,insects invasion..,etc.





1.Water supply and pressure boosting in residential and commercial applications.
2. Water pressure boosting for barber shop, restaurant,sprinkler systems, washing machine, residence,villas.



   AEV CPU Control Constant Pressure Pumps,

1.Ambient Temperature:  +2~+50℃
2.Liquid Temperature:  +2~+50℃
3.Relative Humidity:  Max. 85%(RH)
4.Before running,Ensure inlet water pressure is low than setting activation running pressure.
5.For clean water without abrasives.

1.Power: 1/4HP;1/2HP;1HP
2.Protection: IP55
3.Motor Insulation: Class B
4.Voltage: Single phase only, 110/220V*60HZ ; 220~240V*50HZ
5.Suction&Discharge: 3/4” or 1”
6.Max. Head:  35M
7.Max. Capacity: 110LPM

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