EVERGUSH Electric Motor(IEC Standard)

1. IEC Standard motor,compatible for other International IEC standard motors.
2. Low noise,less vibration-Compact construction,fine assembly and process, and precise dynamic balance procedure.
3. Adopting high-level insulation material on motor coils, to extend life time and make the motor more durable. 
4. Light weight and compact design for space saving.

1. Enclosed ,fan cooled,squirrel cage high efficiency motor.
2. Motor Type: Horizontal-AEEH seires / Vertical-AEVH series
3. Output range:1/4HP~125HP
4. Pole: 2P /4P /6P
5. Motor Insulation: E / B / F 
6. Motor Protection: IP54 class.
7. Voltage: 3phase 220V/380V/440V/660V (Special voltage is available upon request.)
8. HZ: 50HZ or 60HZ
9. (S.F.):1.0
10.Ambient Temp.: MAX.40 degree C.

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