Control Panel for water supply pumps

1.Customized design control panel with different schemes for different environment. 
2.Customers can choose graphite electrode、float switch or level switch with water supply control unit.
3.Customers can adjust pump operation by different pressure、capacity and temperature with PLC function.
4.We can provide monitor port which can organize operation and monitor interface according to customer demands. 

5.Additional soft starter control or earth leakage circuit breaker are available for special requirements.

Water supply systems, submersible booster pumps, submersible sewage pumps, water supply booster pumps...etc.

1.Ambient temperature:  0~+40℃
2.No installing control panel in high humidity,unventilated environment.

1.Output Range:1HP~300HP
2.Operating method: Simplex, duplex or alternative operations.
3.IP protection: IP54~IP55
4.Voltage: 1 phase 220V*60HZ(2HP below) ;3 phase 220/380/440/660V*60HZ
1 phase  220~240V*50HZ(2HP below); 3 phase 380~415V*50HZ
5.Casing material:Steel SS400、stainless steel304
6.Indoor or outdoor type can be chosen by customer demands.
8.Soft starter device,inverter, PLC, Earth leakage circuit breaker or other accessories are available upon special request.

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