XA series End Suction Centrifugal Pumps(DN24255)

1.Adopting high efficiency motor which conforms to International IEC standards. 
2.Back-pull out design which allows the pump bearing frame and impeller to be backed out of the volute without disturbing the pump piping connections.
3.It complies with international standard EN733(DIN24255) for interchangeability of components between all individual pump sizes
4.It adopts high quality mechanical seal with better wear-resist effect.
5.Pump casing and mechanical seal materials are replaceable for different characteristics of liquid. 
6.Adopting molded impeller, copper o-ring, stainless steel shaft and bearing in order to provide high quality products.

1.Water curculation for air conditioning equipment,such chillers and cooling towers.
2.Broad range of industrial applications.
3.Temporary water supply booster systems and fire fighting systems.
4.Open loop and close loop water circuit systems.
5.Paper mill, brewery, refinery, and boiler feed.

1.Ambient temperature:  0~+50℃
2.Liquid temperature:  +0~+100℃
3.Max. pressure: 10 BAR.
4.It is suitable for clean water or non chemical property liquid. It should contain no solid particles in the liquid.

1.Output: 2HP~300HP
2.Protection: IP54
3.Insulation: E,B,F
4.R.P.M: 2P,4P
5.Voltage: 3 phase 220/380/440/660*60HZ 
3 phase 380~415V*50HZ 
6.Suction Dia.: 11/2” ~ 12”
7.Discharge Dia.:11/4”~10”
8.Head:  MAX. 110M
9.Capacity:  MAX. 1200M³/ HR
10.Working pressure: Max. 10bar

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