KPS Double Suction Centrifugal Pumps

A. Best hydraulic model
1. Apply the newest hydraulic model design.
2. Uplift efficiency of water pump and improve cavitation performance of water pump.
B. Double flow pump impeller, symmetrically cross-position incline design
1. Low impulse, stable pressure and optimum flow behavior.
2. Dynamically balanced impeller that minimizes vibration.
C. High efficiency for energy saving
1.Pump efficiency can reach maximum 92.5%. It can provide considerable economic benefits for customers to save energy cost.
D. Double end of the pump shaft
1.It can be driven by both end of the pump shaft respectively.
E. Individual seal box
1. It can exchange the stuffing box seal and mechanical seal mutually, easy for dismantle and install.
2. Easy to dismantle and install due to half press lid.

Water supply for waterworks, paper mills,iron and steel factories, power plants,irrigation, flood discharge, central air conditioning systems, cooling cycle systems and fire protection.

1.Ambient temperature:Max. +50℃.
2.Liquid temperature: Standard Type: -15℃~+105℃.
3.Working Pressure: Max. 24Kg/cm²
4. For clean non-corrosive or non-aggressive liquids, without solid particles.

Power:1~300HP (0.75~220KW)
Motor: IP54~IP55 / InsulationB~ F, 3Phase 220V/380V/415V/440V/660V
Speed: 590~3550 RPM ,IEC Standard, Enclosed Fan Cooled motor. 
Max. Head: 190M
Max. Capacity: 23000 M³/HR
Inlet/Outlet Diameter: 6”~48”.
Efficiency: Max. 92.5%.

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