IL Vertical In-Line Centrifugal Pump

1. The motor and pump are coaxial conjoined for eliminating fluctuations.

2. Durable mechanical seal prevents from leakage and keeps long life.

3. Compact & robust structure for saving space and for easy installation.

4. Special volute design for low noise operation and great performance.

5. Vertical design for space-saving.

1. Water Circulation for air conditioning systems,chiller,cooling tower.

2. Broad range of industrial applications.

3. Cooling Tower; Open loop and close loop water circuit systems.

4. Water Supply for Booster systems.

5. Water supply and disposal for households

1. Ambient Temperature:  0~+50℃
2. Liquid Temperature:  +0~+60℃ Standard
If liquid temperature is over 60 degree C, M.seals need to be replaced for viton material.
3. Working Pressure : Max.10 BAR.
4. Clean water or liquids without corrosive chemicals and abrasives.

1.Power: 1/2HP~40HP
2.Motor Protection: IP54
3.Insulation: E,B,F
4.Pole: 2P,4P
1phase 110/220V*60HZ(1/2hp~2hp); 3phase 220/380/440/660*60HZ
50HZ specifications are available per request.
6.Suction/Discharge: 1” ~ 8”
7.Max.Head:  85M
8.Max.Capacity:  5,400 LPM (324M³/HR)

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