ECDL Vertical Multi-stage Centrifugal Pumps

ECDL vertical stainless steel multistage centrifugal pumps applied high quality stainless steel material, and the mechanical seal is made of hard alloy. Long service life, light-corrosion resistance and high efficiency. Therefore, it is suitable for various industries. Lesser space requirement, space-saver. It can also be equipped with related protectors to effectively prevent from dry-running, overheat, out-of-phase and overload circumstances.
Water supply: Host water supply pipe and booster of multi-storey building.
Industrial pressure boosting: Air conditioning and cooling systems.Boiler feed and condensation systems. High pressure rinsing systems.
Water treatment: Filters and reverse osmosis systems, distillation systems, separators.
Agriculture irrigation: Large area irrigation, spray irrigation.

For clean non-flammable and non-explosive liquid, without solid, filamentary and abrasive matter.
Ambient temperature: +40℃.
Liquid temperature: Temperature range: -15℃~+70℃.
Hot water range: +70℃~+120℃.
Max. Working pressure: 25 kg/cm².
Remarks: If it is used for brewery, we suggest replacing standard motor to explosion proof motor.

Power: 1HP~60HP (0.75KW~45KW)
Motor: IP55 / Insulation F
Totally enclosed fan cooled 2 pole IEC standard motor.
Motor range: 2P;50、60HZ.
Three phase 220V/380V/415V/440V.
Single phase 220~240V
Max. Head:  310M
Max. Capacity:  110M³/Hr

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