ECA Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps

1. Main pump construction and inside components adopt stainless steel materials. It will not create rusting problem. It also has better wear resistant. 
2. It is vortex design which has better efficiency. 
3. Back pull-out design which is easy to dismantle. It allows the pump bearing frame and impeller to be backed out of the volute without disturbing the pump piping connections.
4. Special volute design for low noise operation and great performance. 
5. It is close coupled design. The pump and motor are using the same shaft.This will cancel out the fluctuations which will save energy and resource.

1. Civil, agriculture and industrial water supply systems.
2. Winery and food systems.
3. Heating equipments and air conditioning systems.
4. Temporary water supply for construction sites.
5. Cooling tower circulation systems.
6. Cleaning systems.
7. Swimming pool circulation systems.
8. Sprinkler systems and agriculture irrigation.
9. For Booster Pump system.

1. Ambient temperature: +0~+50 degree C.
2. Liquid temperature: +0~+70 degree C.
3. Max. head: 70M.
4. Max. capacity: 70 m3/hr.
5. Do not use it for sea water or highly corrosive liquids.
6. Max. working pressure: 10 bar.

1.Output: 1.5HP~25HP
2.Motor Protection: IP54
3.Insulation: F
4.Pole: 2P
5.Voltage: 1phase220V*60HZ(below3HP); 3phase 220/380/440/660*60HZ
1phase220~240V*50HZ(below3HP); 3phase 220~440V*50HZ 
6.Pump Suction: 2” ~ 21/2”
7.Pump Discharge: 11/4"~2"
8.Max.Head:  70M
9.Max.Capacity:  70M³/HR

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