Control Panel for Fire Pumps

1. Adopting Chinese National Standard(CNS) of fire fighting pump codes: CNS8917、CNS8918、CNS8919.
2. Automatic sprinkler system operation for fire protection.(When pipeline pressure is lower than preset pressure, the pump will starts. According to fire protection law, after the pump automatically switches on, an operator must manually stops it.)
3. Force start operation with manual test function.(running and stop button).
4. Provides with fuse breaker and electrical circuit.
5. On the front of control panel, it will show volmeter、ammeter、running、overload、stop and malfunction indicators.
6. Malfunction alert output.
7. Build-in remote control for manual ON-OFF switch and remote monitor for operation、stop、overload and water shortage signal.
8. Control panel casing adopts with powder coatings.

Fire fighting pumps, boosting pumps, foam pumps, sprinkler pumps plus jockey pumps.


1.Horsepower: 7.5HP~300HP
2.Operational method: Simplex, duplex alternate or duplex parallel operations. 
3.Protection: IP54~IP55
4.Voltage: 3 phase 220/380/440/660V*60HZ
3 phase 380~415V*50HZ
5.Material:SS400 or stainless steel.
6.Control panel can be classified as indoor and outdoor type.
7.It can be custom made by customer requirements.
8.It can add soft start devices, inverters or more.

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